Proposed Route for Grain Belt Powerline through Missouri is announced.

Proposed Route for Grain Belt Powerline through Missouri is announced.

Clean Energy Partners has announced and published the “final” route of the proposed Grain Belt Express Powerline through Missouri.  Eight Missouri counties are affected:  Buchanan, Clinton, Caldwell, Carroll, Chariton, Randolph, Monroe and Ralls.

The controversial transmission line project is designed to moved so-called “clean” energy gernerated by windmills in the plains to the east across several states.  Some of the power may be used in Missouri, as well.

The poject has met with strong opposition from property owners and communities that may be impacted by the construction of the power lines.  If the project is approved by the Missouri Public Service Commission, property owners may be subject to losing their property rights through the use of eminent domain powers.  Opposition leaders also challenge the claims of the economic impact of the project that the claimed job-creation will be temporary and filled by workers from outside the region.  Other fears of the opposition include impacts on property values and negative health effects of high-power lines on humans and livestock.

Clean Line Energy Partners is a Houston-based company.  It has indicated it wishes to begin construction in 2016.  Before it can start, it will have to obtain approval from the Missouri Public Service Commission, whch over-sees utility projects.  The company filed its request from approval from the PSC, but no further proceedings are currently scheduled.



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